Where is There?

It is hard to get there if you don’t know where there is

Our Vision is a preview of our future it calls us to show up now…. Vida Carlino

Have you ever made the effort, dedicated time, created a kick ass vision, made a list of goals that would catapult you to live your dreams, only to find it was just another time waster….. sure, you have.

Having a clear vision is the first step, for it is very hard to get anywhere if you don’t know where that somewhere is.

Imagine going on holiday, the car is serviced, the luggage packed, the tank is full. You’re full of excitement and as you go to program the GPS you realise, you are not sure where you want to go.

You have a few options
1. Get out of the car and stay where you are – no change – everything exactly the same

2. Turn the key and start to drive. Who knows you could be lucky and arrive at a place you like or you could end up driving around in circles.

3. Decide where you want to go, program your GPS and choose what route you want to take. Scenic, most direct, No toll ways.
The Choice is yours.

To deliberately create a life where you thrive not just survive, is about focusing on what you want. You have done this many times before, wanted something and gone about making it happen. It’s not always easy, it takes vision, belief, responsibility and a purpose, but it is always possible to arrive at your destination.

IF You…
….have a destination, a clearly defined arrival point.

It’s common sense and we all know it, but knowing and doing are worlds apart.
Do you know your destination for this year? The next year? 5 years forward? Be honest no one can hear you.
It is in this moment that we have the choice to decide whether to deliberately shape our next moment and claim a different future or not.

….have the right fuel
The fuel of a compelling vision is the belief that you can reach you destination. It sounds simple, yet it’s not. If you don’t believe it is possible it is unlikely that you will even start the journey. In other words, we create a reality based on what we believe, then we collect evidence to support that belief and make it even stronger. These beliefs tell us what is possible, they determine the limits of our capabilities, they inspire and motivate us to show up fully or to play small. They guide us to move towards our destination or keep us just where we are.

When you know where you want to end up and you believe it is a given then your sense of responsibility and purpose are already in place.

I understand, it is easy to become complacent, after all how many times have you heard about the importance of having a vision. A lot I reckon. How many times have you heard valuable messages from people that have paved the way, but not taken action to walk the paved path? There are many who hear this advice from great leaders and successful entrepreneurs, athletes, visionaries and the happy people; but don’t take responsibility to change. Complacency can be stagnating; this is why a vision fuelled by belief is invaluable.

A funny thing happens when we get what we genuinely desire in life. It calls us to share our gifts and talents with the world, to contribute and add value to people’s lives. It calls us to show up fully for ourselves and the world in which we live.

What’s your vision?…..