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Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Wisdom

Timeless power… Embodied intuition…

The essential retreat for the emerging women.

Finally a place to claim your feminine wisdom.

Do you ever get the feeling that even though you are in a good space something is missing?

It’s hard to articulate, it doesn’t necessarily make sense and yet you know it is real.

If so, then you are likely aware that you have some greater role to play in owning your wisdom and deliberately designing your future.

However, like many emerging women you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, confused by societies conflicting messages on how to show up as a complete woman.

I also imagine you’re probably frustrated with the disparity between your full potential as a woman and what you are currently experiencing as reality.

You may

  • Feel isolated or quietly alone even though you are surrounded by family and friends.
  • Experience shame at not being satisfied by a life you are grateful for.
  • Be depleted by your constant giving and caring for others and yet you cannot find it in yourself to say NO.
  • Sense you have exactly what you need to birth your meaningful contribution to the world, yet you don’t know what it looks like or how to make it happen.
  • Secretly yearn to focus on your own needs, wants and desires.
  • Crave deeper intimacy and genuine connection with your partner and others even though you love them as they are.
  • Talk of giving yourself permission to make changes and still you take no real action.
  • Tolerate, or fail to speak up for yourself, to keep the peace and in doing so supress your truth.
  • Celebrate the bits you like about yourself and label the bits you don’t like as negative, wrong, unacceptable, or not good enough.
  • Want to help those struggling and yet you feel powerless to tackle your own struggles.
  • Put in the effort, do the work, attend the courses and feel dishearten as your un- resourceful patterns persist.

If you experience any of the above, do not fear for you are one of many emerging women, stepping into their timeless power and reclaiming their innate wisdom.

I have been here to, fighting the pull, pushing forward, hiding behind the familiar, not trusting my intuition, before I discovered how to claim my own wisdom. Since experiencing this I have guided many women to emerge and claim who they truly are, I have witnessed them stand in their power and create what they have so deeply wanted to create.

You may be travelling the road of consciousness, seeking your natural power, spiritual connection, purpose and an authentic way to show up fully as you pursue your dreams and goals… 

Why…is it, in spite of all our efforts and achievements, so many women have been unable to show up fully and thrive in a ways that enrich and satisfy?

There are those that think the cause of not attaining what we seek is time, career, education, culture, money, resources, family, relationships.

And yet it is not.

For we as women, are the most independent, free, educated and powerful generation of women to ever to walk this planet.

The truth is we have emerged to experience high quality challenges, the longing for meaningful contribution, genuine connection, deep intimacy, purposeful enterprise, creative expression, thriving future, tribal belonging and a clean world for generations to come.

To move beyond these high-quality struggles requires you to be in good relationship with your feminine wisdom.

A New Kind of Wisdom is emerging.

A wisdom that understands the nature of the masculine and the feminine, positive and negative, light and dark.

A wisdom that transcends the mother wound. The lineage of women’s pain passed down through generations of women in a patriarchal culture.

A wisdom that speaks with deep understanding of the combined brilliance of knowledge, intuition and spirit.

A wisdom that does not need to prove itself, for it already knows what it knows.

A wisdom that is whole and complete.

The cost of doing nothing is great

Repeating the same un-resourceful patterns acquired in childhood and the accumulation of years that bring forth, limitations and feelings of inadequacy, isolation, powerlessness, burdens, confusion, sabotage are not the way to live a full life.

There is an alternative

A space to claim your Women’s Wisdom, a space that welcomes your feminine power and your vulnerability.

It’s about thriving, being courageous, having clarity, living purposefully and cultivating your intuition .

Are you ready? show up as never before and claim the gorgeous, wise, divine, woman within. You know the radiant one yearning to come out and play, yearning to be seen, to be heard, yearning to show up fully in all her brilliance.

Women’s Wisdom is the retreat to give her space to thrive. It is 3 days of emergence, transformation and inspiration.

It’s a powerful journey of discovery and freedom that gets to the source of what stands in the way of you being your radiant, complete, wise woman.

Each woman takes a sacred journey in her own unique way, witnessed by the sisterhood, nurtured by the circle.

Not like another

Women’s Wisdom is a female only event that is experiential in nature. I together with my team hold the space and guide you through the processes so you can tap into your feminine power, claim your knowing and see clearly.

You will experience

  • How your life happens through you.
  • The illusions and truth of how you really show up.
  • A profound understanding of what is most important to you.
  • Your compelling vision and the qualities that will move you beyond your resistances.
  • Trusting your own inner voice
  • Deep awareness and your own capabilities
  • A coming home to self
  • An understanding beyond the mind
  • Connection with your own spirit nature

My Desire

Is to provide a safe, nurturing and gorgeous space for you to experience the unfolding of your innate wisdom. My work provides opportunity for men and women to show up fully, be self-empowered and thrive through deliberate design.

Every woman already has what she needs to show up as the woman she dreams of being.

A bit about Vida 

I love life, family, sunny days, risqué moments, laughter, people with open hearts, authenticity, stretching beyond, bright colours, a great bed, the best coffee, reckless dancing, raw honesty, world peace, people who inspire, push and hold me accountable, universal consciousness, stillness, craziness, friendship, love, romance, showing up fully, living deliberately, dr Seuss, music that lifts my spirit and cracks my heart, sacred space, ritual, mindfulness, being empowered, making a difference and my Power Statements.

Since I was a young woman I have had a hunger for self- discovery and authenticity, which has led me to study and train in many mainstream and alternative practices.

I have travelled extensively learning, facilitating and guiding offering coaching and retreats that shift the fundamental relationship we have with ourselves and the world in which we live.

What they say

I had the most amazing time at the Women’s Wisdom retreat. Vida is such an amazing person who guides these events with all her heart and wisdom. We laughed, we cried, we had fun. Such a great experience. It has been a few weeks since the event and I could not be happier Vida invited me to participate. Words can’t really do justice to how happy I feel inside. Thank you! xx   Pille

If you have read this far you are probably ready to listen to what got you to this point. There is a reason why you are here, you are being called to Women’s Wisdom….

To know more please contact me on 1300 307 274 or email me

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“Do it with purpose, you may sometimes get tired, but you will never run out of fuel.”
Vida Carlino


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