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Twin Realities

Claiming the Wo/Man in all of us

Twin Realities

Claiming the Wo/Man in all of us

Claiming the Wom/Man in each of us the essential journey to wholeness.

The masculine and feminine are core archetypes that have been with us from the beginning. It is a constant dance of balance moving towards or moving away from wholeness.

We all secretly desire to live in a state of wholeness where our masculine and feminine nature meet with respect. This is the place where we can fully show up, authentic, clear, purposeful and loving who we are and what we do daily.

Never have so many worked such excessive hours to meet compressed deadlines and overinflated productivity expectations that invade personal space and relationships. We carry with us devices that bring our work into our social life, banks to our kitchen, doctors into our bedrooms, and the cost is … our leisure time, intimate connections, well-deserved breaks and disconnection between who we think we are and who we really are.

We live in a world where masculine qualities of outcome, productivity, directness, logical reason, strength, control, boldness, forthrightness, power, drive, focus, discipline, independence, and competition are celebrated and valued.

Whilst the qualities associated with the feminine like empathy, honesty, loving, nurturing, creativity, kindness, understanding, tenderness, sensuality, radiance, trust, surrender, consideration, intuition, compassion, adaptability are not always valued and celebrated.

The dance between our masculine and feminine nature is an odd paradox and finding our natural rhythm can be a challenge. We now experience unprecedented standards of living, where we are more educated, independent, informed and empowered as a result of decades of focus on the masculine qualities.

These privileged standards have contributed to the creation of a vacuum in authentic being, self-expression, healthy relationship, genuine intimacy, sustainable living, creativity, connection, tribe, sacred purpose, meaningful contribution, enthusiasm and a potential brighter future for generations to come.

This disparity between our masculine and feminine qualities is fuelled by un-investigated thoughts, outdated stories, learned behaviours, family and cultural conditioning, and most importantly the habit of believing our thoughts are true.

..and it plays out in our lives in unexpected ways.

You have likely come across some of these…

  • material success, great house, perfect job, bulging bank accounts, a lovely family and a failure to find meaning and fulfilment.
  • a deep spiritual connection or an intensity in the feeling life, yet never quite getting it together in other areas of life.
  • the right look, style, clothes, job, dates, partners and an inability to sustain an intimate, loving relationship.
  • high intelligence, skill and expertise with little or no friends.
  • power and position yet moving through life without really living.
  • Experiencing a state of constant stress, depression, overwhelm or swinging emotions,
  • great profession, earning substantial income yet always in debt.

Or maybe you have found yourself in situations where you

  • … feel anxious and confused despite being committed to your own development
  • … are weary and exhausted from the constant giving and doing
  • …. fear never finding your soul mate, or you have a partner you love and you still can’t make it work
  • … are unsure of how to be a man with the modern woman or how to be a woman with the modern man
  • …are aware you are not walking your talk
  • …know your heart yearns to be more in integrity
  • … experience guilt at the thought of taking care of your own needs
  • … are unsupported and misunderstood despite conscious effort,
  • .. believe you will never find a way to share your gifts and talents with the world
  • … feel pride in overcoming unwanted behaviours only to feel ashamed when they return
  • …know your responsibility has become a burden too heavy to carry
  • … are too scared to take the next step even though you know you must

You’re not alone……

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you are not alone. I have many clients and I myself have walked this path before claiming the Wom/Man within.

Many of you have started your journey of self-discovery, to come home to self, be in healthy relations, authentically show up and embrace a deeper sense of purpose, to experience wholeness and achieve worthwhile endeavours in life.

Something different…

Twin Realities is a unique journey of self-exploration and conscious witnessing. Held in a safe and beautiful space for men and women to experience a deeper understanding of their own feminine and masculine qualities as they see and are seen in their raw truth.

This residential weekend is a rare opportunity to explore our collective and individual knowing, inherent in our gender nature. It is a space to free ourselves from un-resourceful and outdated ways of being that have been passed down through generations unnoticed and unquestioned.  It is an awakening where men and women can explore, witness and be witnessed in genuine open-hearted sharing, a rare and unique opportunity to journey with collective oneness and difference.

It asks us to be willing to surrender to our unconscious conditioning and what we think we know, so our essential wisdom can take shape and be experienced. It invites us to transcend our traditional mainstream ways of doing, thinking and being and practice respectful, responsible, authentic, relationship with the masculine and feminine.

Fulfillment requires a new rhythm in male and female energies to cultivate a healthy relationship between man and woman and a healthy relationship with the masculine and feminine within each of us.

Twin Realities is a life changer…

You will experience

  • Openhearted sharing witnessed by both men and women
  • Speaking the deep truth without fear of retribution or judgement
  • Giving and receiving
  • Acceptance of what is happening in the moment
  • Heightened aspects of the self that may not otherwise have had permission to be experienced previously
  • New perspectives of your nature and that of the masculine and feminine
  • Deepened understanding of how you interact with men and women
  • Understanding of how you relate to self
  • A movement beyond the projections and wounding you may have endured and/or inflicted
  • Meeting men and women behind the mask
  • Holding space with presence
  • Witnessing your own story and how this story influences your life
  • A depth of meaning and a renewed authority
  • Greater clarity to live your soul purpose and pursue your vision and goals
  • Tools and skills to deal with future challenges
  • Deep awareness of self and the world you live in
  • A profound sense of belonging
  • Trusting your inner wisdom
  • A renewed friendship with your vulnerability
  • An awakening of self
  • Understanding of your personal journey
  • Renewed freshness
  • Being genuine with your hearts longing
  • Feelings of wholeness
  • Freedom to claim what is yours
  • Acceptance of self and others
  • And more

She knows her stuff…

After decades of working with men and women across the country Vida has mastered the ability to bring together the masculine and the feminine, the left and right-hand brains, the logical, driven and results orientated drivers, with the creative intuitive and knowing self to deliver an outcome based way to an individual’s soulful evolution.

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker, and leader in conscious evolution and inspirational mindset. She is a skilled social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source and author of MY POWER STATEMENT.

Vida has travelled extensively offering workshops and retreats to experience sacred space where the reclamation of feminine and masculine wisdom can alchemise through explorative practices in sacred knowing and individual potential.

The team…

The success of Vida’s retreats is made possible by the expertise of an inspired team.

Each Twin Realities requires a male co-facilitator that has extensive expertise in personal development and sacred men’s business. They possess the refined skills to hold sacred space for deep and transformation work and have journeyed with the sacred woman.

Our retreats are renowned for being a food heaven. Our delicious and nurturing meals turn every day ingredients into food for consciousness. We cater for most dietary requirements and meet the balance of homely, fresh, tasty, healthy and visually beautiful food.

Twin Realities is also supported by an experienced assistant whom on the weekend ensures the smooth running of the finer details.

Our events are made possible by a small team of passionate women whom look after all the details or admin, registrations and communications to bring to you the experience of Twin Realities.

 The time has come..

It’s time to create a new dance that merges the qualities of the masculine and feminine birthing a new kind of creativity that honours the authentic nature of men and women.

The energies of the masculine and feminine are both gentle and intense and can be expressed in healthy genuine ways. We will be journeying in gentle, soft and deeply profound ways to experience the unexperienced truth so that we can fully claim who we are and walk our talk in wholeness.

We have clear guidelines and practices that provide a safe and nurturing place. This is an experiential event exploring the qualities of the masculine and feminine in each of us and our relationship to men and women.

How would it be..

How would it be if you were the hero/heroine in your own story? This classic metaphor is easy for most of us to relate to, after all we have heard the stories of heroes and heroines from the time we were babes. The hero/heroine is called to face a challenge or quest that requires him/her to journey outside of the familiar and beyond the comfort zone into a realm of the unknown. It is in this realm that the hero/heroine experiences a transformation that changes their very nature and allows them to show up as never before.

If your hero/ heroine is calling then Twin realities could be for you.

What they say….

Default Avatar55

I have worked with Vida for several years and the Twin realities weekend was no exception to her work - insightful, inviting and inspirational. This was my third co-gender event and while I was excited to be working in a shared space, I was also a bit apprehensive - Vida and Dom put my partner and I at ease with their gentle and inclusive style. We left the weekend feeling we had each learned more about ourselves and each other as well as feeling honored to have been a part of each other's journey. H..

Default Avatar55

Twin Realities was a completely new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect. I was even a little apprehensive. However, there was no need for this as Vida is so genuine, compassionate and insightful that she creates a safe place to explore depths of the human soul we often are too busy to take notice of. The weekend was held at a beautiful venue in the bush that was extremely peaceful and I came away with a deep sense of renewal and of a spiritual shift that has remained with me. I highly recommend working with Vida for anyone wishing to experience a more spiritual connection in life..S.

Default Avatar55

During the weekend, a safe container was created where I could explore what I was feeling which provided an opportunity for the cause of those feelings to surface. Once I understood the cause I was able to put together an action plan for self- improvement. It was a great weekend…D.

Default Avatar55

It is hard to explain how my experience at Twin Realties has transformed my relationship with myself and how I relate with others. I have claimed aspects of myself that I did not know existed. The weekend was a big stretch for me and at times quite challenging and I am so grateful for every single moment. Thank you Vida. C.




Twin realities is an opportunity to explore, learn, transform and show up as the hero/heroine in your own life. This is the moment to take a new step and create your perfect dance between your masculine and feminine. This is the moment to claim what it is you seek.

Places are strictly limited.

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greater clarity

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greater contribution

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MORE of what Matters.

Twin Realities claiming the Wom/Man within.



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