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Conscious Coaching

Wisdom Beyond Intellect

Conscious Coaching

Wisdom Beyond Intellect

Have you been feeling the pull to create change, start something new, take action and show up fully?

Do you have a desire to turn your dreams into reality? Achieve the goals you have been afraid to move towards? Or change direction and seek new possibilities?

Do you sometimes feel you could be even more you? The version of you that puts a bounce in your step, a smile on your face and joy in your belly.

Are you questioning????? Where you are at, what makes you tick, how you feel, your relationships, business, profession, health, spirituality, happiness, purpose?

Do you yearn for…

Imagine truly knowing who you are, what you want, and having the ability to go for it without being limited by the inevitable “How am I going to do this?” roadblock

One size does not fit all, the strategies that empower and transform one person do not necessarily create the same results for another. That is why we tailor our programs to serve the specific needs of the individual or enterprise.

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Inspiration Source programs focus on creating paradigm shifts, that empower authenticity, build clarity, connect purpose, deliver tangible outcomes and enhance accountability, decision making, confidence, leadership, flexible behaviour and right action.

Coaching Styles 

Inspired Breakthrough

Inspired Breakthrough is an intensive self- development session with the objective of empowering you to move through the struggles of unwanted feelings, thoughts and actions.

This specialised session is designed to address the core issues ensuring quick and lasting transformation, through strategies that work directly with your conscious and unconscious mind, using proven techniques and precision language.

Together we uncover potential, lift your spirit, and create clarity.

A breakthrough session addresses prevailing self-limitations and takes around 6 to 8 hours over 2 or 3 sessions.

BREAKTHROUGH is not teaching or therapy it is a speedy transformation, for those that are ready to jump!  


mBraining neurologically integrates and aligns the whole-system by aligning the conscious and unconscious. It integrates the latest neuroscience findings of multiple brains head, heart and gut brains, validating many ancient teachings and practices. This program increases intuitive abilities, innate intelligence and uncovers wiser decision-making.

Language Power 

Language Power is a deep process of increasing awareness of the language you use and how that language determines your experiences. It is an exploration of your inner dialogue that is automatic and unconscious as a result of habits, struggle and social norms.

By learning to transform your inner language you bring light to your desires, emotions, values and build a deeper understanding of why you don’t always create what you set out to create.

The words you use to give meaning to your experiences become your experiences and the words you choose empower or disempower. 

Coaching by design 

Is all about facing your most resisted aspects to give you what you really want.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, artist, student, mother or designer you probably spend too much time doing, doing, doing and not enough time on building your capacity and resourcefulness to show up fully and achieve with ease.

Coaching by design is a package designed to serve you

We offer a unique opportunity to come home to yourself. To explore and expand potential through dissolving distractions, mindset shifts, behavioural change, capacity building, and more.

We bring together conventional, complementary, alternative, and cutting edge practices to give you what you want.

If you could show up fully to do the things you want to do on your own, you would have already done it.

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Inspiration Source Mantra
Authentic – Inspirational – Experience
Men and Women thriving through deliberate design.

Inspired Insight

“Do it with purpose, you may sometimes get tired, but you will never run out of fuel.”
Vida Carlino


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