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Sacred Circles for Men and Women

Sacred Circles for Men and Women

It’s a safe space to dive inward, experience freedom, touch the knowing, let go, authentically feel and claim our innate wisdom.

When we sit in circle we have the opportunity to leave the comfort of our familiar, orderly way of being and seek connection with a deeper understanding. This is an act of deliberately awakening our awareness.

The shape of the circle is powerful, it has no beginning and no end, it is a significant container that naturally alters our attention, we sit facing each other as equals, looking inward, reflecting the truth of the moment and turning collective wisdom into individual knowing.

It is a space beyond the separation of labels, identities, habits and conditioning. It is a space where the armour drops and our vulnerable, strong human qualities arise bringing conscious connection to what makes us fully alive and part of the greater collective whole.

This is nothing new, the practice of circles has been around for yonks and yonks throughout many cultures. The circle is a primal image that represents wholeness and totality.

What happens

The busy life is parked outside the circle as we descend into a welcoming presence. We sit together meeting each other, just as we are in the ever changing moment. Each viewpoint, experience, voice is held with the greatest respect, free of judgment or need to nurture, change or fix. There is no feedback, teaching or advice given in this space; we all meet as equals. The essential way of deep listening and truth speaking invokes safety and trust within the circle. Speaking in this way is both powerful and courageous for it takes the distractions out of our communication and requires each person to trust their own guidance.

Each person brings their own particular way of being, their unique thread and when these threads are weaved through presence and intent the natural rhythm and flow of the circle is formed with connection to what makes us feel fully alive.

The circle invokes a deeper listening, a genuine acceptance, a softening, a coming home, it honours all voices and invites our innate knowing into our midst.

It’s a place to take risks and allow your deepest desires to

take root and blossom.

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The Feminine Way

The Feminine Way is a series of 3 circles for women, each series we explore a different theme that strengthens a deeper understanding of our individual and collective nature.


The Feminine & Masculine Way

The Feminine and Masculine Way is a series of 3 circles for men and women. Each series will explore a specific theme of possibility, authenticity and understanding.




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