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Each moment outstanding people step beyond the comfortable and take action towards living life on their terms. They speak of their story and in doing so inspire others to show up and play an even more extraordinary game!


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“I learnt a huge amount in Inspired Mastermind. I became confident which has had a significant influence on my new success. I exceeded the goals I set for myself and I highly recommend inspired Mastery to any woman who wants to improve her business results. It was a lot of fun as well.”
Jean Harringh / Director of Kinzone Interior Design
Hi, I’m Vicki Lonergan from Evermoor Spatial solutions. This testimonial is for Vida Carlino for the Mastermind Course that I have just done with her. It was wonderful. I came into this process not knowing really where I wanted to take my business and I’ve come out of it with a business model and looking forward to taking my business to better places than it has been. It has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend that you take Vida’s course
Vicki Lonergan / GIS Cartographic Director, Evermoor Spatial Solutions
Hi my name is Ruth. I have just finished the Mastermind class with Vida. It’s been great. I came here with a few ideas of what I wanted to do, but really I had very little direction. I’ve come away with some really clear actions, and I feel energized, and really the whole things been transformative. I’ve loved it. I’ve made great new friends and it’s a great network of women and I’m really excited to take my ideas forward.
Ruth Dettman / Chartered Accountant and Life Coach.
Hi my name is Anna. I have just completed the series with Vida, doing her Mastermind Series and it was amazing. So from where I was 2 months ago to where I am right now I’m feeling much more confident about my business, it’s vision, where it’s going, what I’m doing right now compared to when I started. So for me it was all about outcomes using the collective creative brain of the master mind and actually moving forward with my business so it’s actually not a dream, it’s actually happening right now.
Anna Foley / Contemporary Artist.
“I found as a solo business owner the women’s mastery course was very beneficial for me. What a great opportunity to share my concerns and thoughts about my business and where I was going. The hot seat was such fantastic value with the feedback received from Vida and others in the course. I am now not so overwhelmed with all that has to be done as it is now in simple planned prioritised steps. I know where I am going and how to get there. The tips and knowledge I learnt over the course has built both confidence and clarity. I am now inspired and enjoying operating my business , New and exciting opportunities have presented themselves and my business is growing exponentially. Many Thanks to Inspired Mastery”
Helen Devereaux / Founder mybudget traine.
I recently completed a series of 6 transformational coaching sessions with Vida. I had some pre-conceived ideas about how coaching would work for me but during our first session Vida explained that, rather than looking at new ways of doing, we would be working on a new way of BEING.

Over the following weeks, Vida gently guided me through the process with compassion and understanding. She showed me how to notice how avoidance and my own negative language patterns blocked me from having what I want; to give thanks for my defensive mechanisms and to let them go! She tailored our sessions to meet my specific needs – we worked on becoming open to possibilities, finding inspiration, setting intentions, practicing gratitude and celebrating success. For the first time I looked at actually defining what I want from life (rather than just having some vague ideas).

As a result of my sessions with Vida I am a calmer, more contented person and I get a lot more enjoyment out of life. The positive impact of her work in my life is still unfolding and I am very grateful for the time I spent with her.

Vida is an inspirational teacher and leader. She is caring and deeply committed to helping her clients become all they can be. I would not hesitate to recommend Vida to anyone who is interested in personal transformation.

Bettina van der Werf / Senior Systems Engineer
Working with Vida and Inspiration Source through coaching sessions is fabulous. The processes have transformed my life both personally and in my business. It was a great place to discover what I want in all aspects of my life and to realise that I can accomplish this with joy and enthusiasm. Understanding how both personal and professional is intertwined and how to be successful in both has improved my capacity to be happy and in turn my family’s. The ongoing support has ensured that I continue to develop and change my life dreams as I achieve them.
I feel excited and inspired to live each day and to achieve all that my heart desires!
Faith Cruskall / Business manager Digital IQ.
I started working with Vida, as my coach, for my self-development in March 2011. Prior to that time, I felt that I was on top of the world, knew it all, did it all and ready to take on more accomplishments to put on my wall. However, even with the perception that everything was good, my progress in life, both career and personal, had not been the way I wanted. I felt that there was something missing in me but did not know what they were….until I began my journey with Vida.
The most amazing gift I got from Vida is my self-awareness. She was giving me her complete attention and curiosity, which assisted me in exploring my own inner world. With my self-confidence and previous success as a mask, it was really challenging for me to peel that mask off by myself. She allowed me to explore my values and beliefs which are core for my life to progress in the way that I want. She had worked with me on several critical issues such as my conflicting belief about work-life balance, i.e. if I aimed for business success, I had to sacrifice my personal life…this limiting belief had stopped me from really committing myself to grow my business. I also got to explore my belief that “work was not fun”, which also worked as an excuse for me to procrastinate a lot previously.
After a few month of my coaching relationship with Vida, the result has been so amazingly fantastic. My life is now running in full steam. I am constantly writing my book, pages after pages, chapters after chapters, aiming to get it published by the end of 2011. I start my own web blog to promote myself as an instant expert. I am putting more and more Executive Coaching clients without fear, aiming to establish myself as a Top Executive Coach in Thailand within 2012.
I would like to thank Vida for her talent, skills, and, most of all, her heart. She is very passionate in helping people and I have been truly privileged and fortunate to have her as my coach.
Noppadon Tungwatcharin / Executive Coach & Trainer – Max Potentials.
Working with Vida has taught me so much. With her guidance I have learned that through self-discovery I have all the resources that I need. It is with her skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable guidance that I have extended myself beyond where I would have gone by myself. I would recommend Vida’s programs to anyone that really wanted to move towards their goals and dreams!
Christie Lee / Massage Therapist Energy worker
I am starting a new business and my focus in undertaking this program was to develop more professional skills and to increase my’ business’ confidence.

I can honestly say I am not the same woman that started these sessions with Vida! It has been a truly transformational experience that has given me a new level of insight and clarity into myself and my unconscious motivations (or lack thereof!). Together we initiated personal change on a deep subconscious level that is already showing amazing results.

I have gone from feeling timid, shy and lacking confidence in starting my business idea, to feeling empowered, self-reliant and confident that I AM the person for this job! I cannot thank you enough Vida for your kindness, your firm direction, and your uncanny insights. Your ability to gently challenge long held unhelpful patterns, along with your compassionate guidance to transform and shift these blocks to my success have shown fantastic results that I am so excited to continue pursuing!

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this program which is very different to the usual ‘academic’ style. I would recommend this program for anyone who is truly looking for a change in the way they react to their lives, and wanting to embrace a new way of perceiving themselves and their potential.

Jaye Wardlaw / BHSc (Nutritional Medicine) www.dentaldetoxsolutions.com
Vida’s insights and guidance are not only transformational but an extension of herself- kind, gentle and grounded in knowing, skill and experience.

Senior Geochemist
It is not often any of us have the privilege of being mentored by someone as soulful as Vida but I am one of these blessed people. Vida has enabled me to move from a place of feeling frustrated and blocked to seeing my potential and having the courage to pursue it. She is very much a champion of dreams and aspirations as she encourages us to live from our source of being and therefore be inspired at work as well as at play. I strongly recommend Vida for genuine, inspirational mentorship.
Sally Hewitt / Owner, Luminous Skin Clinic
Vida Carlino quite simply changed my life.  I was at a point in my business where I needed guidance and a good old fashioned butt kicking.  Vida did this and more.  She connected me with my ‘why’, she got me to see every day in a different way.  It was a game changer for me and I will always be eternally grateful to Vida and her amazing abilities.
Jen Pryor / Owner, Priority Office Management Services
Meeting with Vida for a one on one session was hugely beneficial to me. Vida has an amazing ability to deeply listen and see beyond the words I share.

I liken it to the duck analogy. I am swimming along with a big smiley face to the world but underneath paddling upstream madly getting nowhere.

Vida has taught me to be aware of my own thoughts and to own them for what they really are.

I would highly recommend taking the time to sit with this beautiful, graceful, loving, woman. I am now able to reconnect with the real me, shine in the world and be authentic in all my experiences.

Di Hamilton / USANA Gold Director, www.dihamilton.usana.com
If you want to change your life and business direction for the better, Vida Carlino is the person to go and see. In just a few short weeks, with Vida’s guidance and expertise, the changes were truly phenomenal. My business is now going from strength to strength and I have just had my highest turnover month ever. People are commenting on my personal accomplishments. I find it difficult to put into words just how amazing the process has been for me and urge you to contact Vida. Take a step forward and start your own inspirational journey.
Shona Robertson
Vida set me up for success. I’m good at my craft, however I realised it takes more than that to start, build, manage and maintain a successful business. Vida coached me to develop a strong set of tools and strategies so I could triumph. She is like a silent partner that supports, encourages, holds me accountable and helps me solve problems. What sets Vida apart from other business coaches is that she cares. I know she wants to me succeed. She’s a business mastermind with a bloody big heart.
My business is now 12 months in and I’m really happy with its progress and I’m feeling so confident and in control. I never thought I’d love running my own show as much as I do.
Janey Sanderson / Director, Hive Realestate
Twin Realities was a completely new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect. I was even a little apprehensive. However, there was no need for this as Vida is so genuine, compassionate and insightful that she creates a safe place to explore depths of the human soul we often are too busy to take notice of. The weekend was held at a beautiful venue in the bush that was extremely peaceful and I came away with a deep sense of renewal and of a spiritual shift that has remained with me. I highly recommend working with Vida for anyone wishing to experience a more spiritual connection in life.
During the weekend, a safe container was created where I could explore what I was feeling which provided an opportunity for the cause of those feelings to surface. Once I understood the cause I was able to put together an action plan for self- improvement. It was a great weekend.

I have worked with Vida for several years and the Twin realities weekend was no exception to her work – insightful, inviting and inspirational. This was my third co-gender event and I while I was excited to be working in a shared space, I was also a bit apprehensive – Vida and Dom put my partner and I at ease with their gentle and inclusive style. We left the weekend feeling we had each learned more about ourselves and each other as well as feeling honored to have been a part of each other’s journey.
Participant Oct 2016
I enjoyed the twin realities weekend, the courageous, generous people and the opportunity to connect with my gifts in a process that enabled trust, playfulness and insight. The men and women’s circles were dynamic, the processes were creative and the overall flow of the weekend was liberating and abundant. I had a blast, endeavor to show up, learn and contribute to these events and thoroughly enjoy the whole hearted nature and spirit in which the twin realities event is offered. Whether your a couple committed to healthy relating, have an inquiring mind, are a soul seeker attracted to like minded people, striving for more awareness and greatness and/or simply an ordinary person who values honesty and authenticity then I recommend you jump in to any of Vida’s events. I’ve seen people in her presence be welcomed, nurtured, cared for, trusted, challenged, considered, met, held, transformed, inspired, honored and celebrated in a most luscious setting, amongst beauty and great company.
I met Vida and instantly I felt like she was a ‘Mum’ figure I could trust. I feel really grateful she showed me the way to live my life to my full potential whilst feeling supported the whole way. I believe there is a handful of people that come into your life to change for the better and Vida is definitely one of them. Thank you Vida for
giving me the knowledge and courage to turn my life around. I am happier than ever!!
I had not attended a sacred circle for a long time and whilst s
itting in the space I felt a rigid resistance to listen and feel within myself. The words of the other women ignited my inner flame, melting and softening the hard
container I had buried many of my emotions in. I felt a sense of relief and clarity to speak what I had hidden and denied. Thank you for a lovely reminder of how liberating and enlivening it is to sit in circle with other women.
Vida opens a gorgeous space of acceptance and invites us just ‘to be’. I love her ceremonial introduction and the ambiance she so carefully creates to make us feel welcome. There is something so deeply earnest and wise about Vida and the space she creates to make us feel comfortable is so relaxing. I felt at ease and able to be vulnerable and share and in turn it was beautiful to be able to sit., listen and be in the moment of other’s sharing. Vida’s circles encompass so much honoring, love and depth -she facilitates us all getting to know ourselves deeply. 
Thank you so much Vida!!
Had the most amazing time at the Women’s Wisdom retreat. Vida is such an amazing person who guides these events with all her heart and wisdom. We laughed, we cried, we had fun. Such a great experience. It has been a few weeks since the event and I could not be happier Vida invited me to participate. Words can’t really do justice to how happy I feel inside. Thank you! xx