‘Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have’ Oprah Winfrey: at the Golden Globes.

I was moved by Opraha Winfrey’s powerful speech at the Golden Globes and the words that resonated over and over again in my head were “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have”.

It sounds quite simple. Is it?

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to say something and you didn’t, or maybe you wanted to stand up for yourself or another and didn’t?

Speaking the truth aloud has consequences. Your truth may offend, spoil the moment, alienate your peers or bring condemnation and judgement.

When I have been faced with the question, especially from a loved one “Do I look good in this outfit? I immediately assess the situation before answering. Sure, sometimes it’s a huge YES and other times it requires more tack.

I remember when I was younger, and I would go shopping with my mum and I would ask her things like. “Does my bum look big in these pants” and she would reply “Well, is your bum big?” The answer I wanted to hear was NO. Fortunately she was offering a polite way of saying Yes.

Telling a lie to protect the feeling of another can be easier than telling the truth and yet it does a great disservice, for without the truth our awareness is diminished, and perception is limited.

Speaking the truth can be scary. It takes courage to surrender to the outcome despite the consequences. The reason so many don’t speak up, or they allow others to treat them disrespectfully is FEAR, fear of what might happen. The situation might get worse, there could be a public embarrassment or loss of a job, or even finding themselves all alone. These fears feed vulnerability and impact our rational thinking.

When we do show up fully and have the courage to share the truth, we demonstrate to those around us how to treat us. We build inner strength and character whilst being an example to others.

If we are not speaking the truth, what are we doing – containing, hiding, suppressing, manipulating, playing small or lying? Whichever, we are not being honest and this also has consequences. It chips away at our self-respect, diminishes our authenticity and dulls our light.

How would the world be, if those many courageous men and women now, and throughout history, did not speak up about oppression, abuse, neglect, inequality freedom, collaboration or world peace? These people have paved the way for the good living of today and it is us that pave the way for good living now and in the future.

Without the truth, we end up with ADD (Authenticity Deficit Disorder) which is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

‘Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have’ Oprah Winfrey: at the Golden Globes.