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Personal Power is NOT a dirty word

Personal Power is NOT a dirty word

I hear it said frequently and I trust you do to

Step into your power, claim your power, be empowered, feminine power is on the rise, you have the power within.

It all sounds impressive but what does it mean.?

Personal Power is defined as a source of influence or authority over others and is often accompanied by undesirable traits like abuse, control, bullying. All you have to do is turn on your device and the abuse of power is readily evident. However, the opposite is also true many great influencers are using their power to improves lives and the planet


Power is neither negative or positive; it’s just power. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.

When I use the word personal power, I mean your ability to influence self. Your ability to make decisions, have a choice, be honest with your feelings, create your destiny, achieve your goals, share your gifts and talents with the world, make a meaningful contribution, be happy, prosperous and successful.

I believe we are all on a great journey to discover who we are and once we start this journey our awareness expands, and we discover a new relationship with what we value and what is possible.

Think of it like this

We tend to move towards what we perceive is valued from the time we are a child, and the problem with this is our perceptions have been crafted and formed over time by the values of our culture, religions, governments, family, friends, technology, mentors, global influencers, latest trends and much more.

We have had little choice but to adopt the qualities perceived as valued to experience, love and belonging. These Cultural values move from one generation to the next unquestioned for what we are accustomed to hearing, seeing and experiencing becomes our normality and sets the benchmark for what is valued.

I am not suggesting you need to change your values, I am suggesting now and then take a pause and notice what resonates true for you.

To be in your Power, you are being asked to question how you feel, think and act.
You are being asked to notice your values and how they shape your thinking, emotions, and performance.

Personal power is having AWARENESS to deliberately CHOOSE.


Check in and ask yourself, Did I really choose this?

If you find yourself confused with your choices and would like a help to book in for a complimentary Personal empowerment session

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