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Money or Wealth

Money or Wealth

Some people seem to attract success, wealth and abundance with what appears to be little effort and yet others attain through lots of effort and struggle and then there are those that never attain abundance.

Why is this?
The cause cannot be physical otherwise all those with perfect bodies would be abundant, nor can it be based on intellect for all those with high IQ would also be abundant and it is certainly not limited to gender or age. Look at Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin brand and its 360 companies, he left school at 16.

Have you ever noticed someone who may be on a similar income as yourself and yet they seem to have so much more wealth and accessible money or the opposite may be true. Then there are those that have large revenue streams and yet rarely have any money and those that have minimal income and seem to be doing well.

What is it, Money?
“Money is an idea that we trust. We trust that $50.00 is more than just a piece of paper or a plastic card. We trust that we can use $50.00 for $50.00. In its simplest form money is a medium of exchange, something that can be swapped for something else and all parties have a common understanding of the value. Money is basically an energy flow that can be restricted or totally blocked or allowed to flow freely; it is this flow that will determine whether you have abundance or financial struggle in your life.”

The value of money is limited to our desire or need. As the extremes of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory shows below, money is less valuable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.36.57 AM

In the lower levels of the hierarchy, we are focused on survival and what will keep us alive. In a situation when we are deprived of essential resources to survive, like food, shelter and water, money becomes worthless. In this circumstance, money will not quench our thirst or feed our children. In the other extreme when our survival needs are taken care of we tend to search for more meaning in our lives and once again money can have less value. This is always easier if you are well established financially.

I think of money as a river that needs to flow and circulate otherwise it stagnates. We are simply money conduits, money comes in, flows through and goes out again and regardless of your survival level the money has to flow in order to move up the hierarchy.

So what about wealth – Is there a difference between money and wealth?
Wealth is commonly thought of as having a large amount of money or possessions. But real wealth is being able to maintain your standard of living when you are not generating additional income. If you have low overheads then you can survive longer than someone with high overheads. So with this definition the woman with the jaguar and house on the river may be less wealthy than the student in shared accommodation and riding a bike.

How long could you survive without an income?
Roger James Hamilton, the creator of Wealth Dynamics states “Wealth is what you have left when you’ve lost all your money” What he means is that your wealth consists of the things like your passions, your networks, your track record, your access to resources and your knowledge of your industry. Whereas money is intangible, wealth is tangible. Whereas money is impermanent, wealth is permanent. If I were to hijack a wealthy person and dump them in a foreign land with no money, they’d soon be back on their feet again because although they might have had their money taken from them, they never lost their wealth”.

Where do you sit?

• money and no wealth
• wealth and no money
• no money and no wealth
• money and wealth

Where would you like to sit?

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein

What can you do in this moment to move towards what you want?

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