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The Importance Mindset in Cultivating Success

The Importance Mindset in Cultivating Success

Life expands and diminishes in proportion to your mindset. If your mind is narrow, your life will stay small and closed off to possibilities. If your mind is open, you will notice your world expand as your mind does and realize the infinite potential that this life offers. There is truly nowhere you can’t go, nothing you can’t do, the only thing stopping you is your beliefs, as they say; what you believe you can conceive.

But what IS an open mindset and how do we cultivate it?

  • An open mindset is when our beliefs are subject to change and growth.
  • A narrow mindset is a mind that has become fixed in its beliefs, leaving no room for new possibilities to arise.

Cultivating an open mind means recycling any beliefs that are keeping you small, with new beliefs that serve to help you grow.

The thing about beliefs is we don’t realize we have them because they are so ingrained in our minds, that we rarely challenge them.

Think of your beliefs as a benchmark, telling you how large or small your life can be based on your past experience. The key here is that we base our both our positive and negative beliefs on the past, without choosing those beliefs deliberately; therefore, letting our past dictate our beliefs.

Before planes could fly and we could call our friends from overseas, people would surely have not believed you if you told them that these things were possible. Now airplanes and mobile phones exist as a result of someone believing they can exist.

With this in mind, we can start to take the past with a grain of salt. Yes, maybe our lives have taken a certain shape up till now, but all we have to do is re-shape our beliefs to start inviting new outcomes into our lives. Then these new beliefs will become our reality.

So, what do our beliefs like? Well, they tell us:

  • What is possible and what is not possible
  • How happy or unhappy we can be
  • What kind of person we are
  • How we normally behave or do things
  • Who we hang out with
  • What is acceptable and what is not
  • Who to trust and distrust

Starting with one belief at a time, for example “I have only ever felt this level of happiness and therefore it is not possible to feel happier than that,”


“I’m too old to start a new hobby or a business, success is a young people’s game.”

These are the benchmarks you set for your life, but if you look around you there are so many people proving these beliefs wrong everyday. Morgan Freeman didn’t land his first acting job till age 52 for example and Louise Bourgeois didn’t become a famous artist until she was 78. As you can see here, life doesn’t end until it has ended and therefore, there is nothing stopping you other than your beliefs. But how do we change our beliefs to perceive the world more positively? We share 5 Ways You Can Change Your Mindset Today.

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