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I AM TOO BUSY …. What a Load of Crap

I AM TOO BUSY …. What a Load of Crap

What is going on? How come so many people are so busy?

Trying to catch up socially with friends, family and loved ones can be quite a challenge. I have been trying to catch up with my friend Monica over the last few months and every time I try to make a lunch date, I get responses like:

• When this project is complete I will have more time.
• When the kids sports season is over I won’t be so busy.
• When work slows down I will have more stamina.
• When I finish studying I will have heaps of free time.
• I can’t even think about having leisure time right now … I AM TOO BUSY!

It is funny; whenever I hear those words “I am too busy” it comes with an undertone of either
I am overworked and pushed to the limit and have so much to do…..because I am so IMPORTANT.


It is because of (…Insert story….) some outside force is unfairly burdening me and making me be so busy. VICTIM


We each choose what we do with our time, when you think about it we all have 24 hours in a day.

TIME…the universal equaliser. No matter how successful, wealthy or fit a person is they still only have 24 hours in a day. Across the planet we are all totally equal in the number of minutes we have each day. Yet some people seem to get a lot done and still have plenty of time for leisure, exercise or catching up with friends, whilst others are always running behind playing catch up and never have enough time to complete all that “needs” to be done.

I think of Selleys No More Gaps (Multi-Purpose flexible gap filler) when people say they are too busy. It is as if some of us go through life armed with our personal No More Gaps and every time we notice a spare moment we pull out our No More Gaps and fill it with more projects, jobs, research, emails, posting social media, surfing the net and becoming a compulsive multi skilled expert.

Of course, if all this makes you happy, full and complete, then why change it. But if you remember what it was like to have gaps in your life, to have the space and time to contemplate, to be without agenda, free to watch and listen, to be in the moment and simply allow….. then you might notice how

No More Gaps is creating I AM TOO BUSY and if you would prefer to have more gaps then the

First Step is to STOP take a BREATH and see what is creating I am too busy.

That’s right, it is your Decision. As simple as that.

The next question is “Are you in control of your decisions or is the No More Gaps ruling the roost?”

If you want to say YES to GAPS (time) and NO to “I am too busy” then decide on what is important to you and prioritise having more of what is important to you and let go of filling the gaps with what is not so important.

Throw the No More Gaps out the window.

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