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Do You Know

Do You Know

Are you clear on the right direction for your success?

Ask yourself this question.

Do you know what you really want in life? Or are you just playing a game?

It can be difficult, almost impossible, to achieve success in an area of your life if you don’t know what you ultimately want. What is success but achieving a plan, a goal, a vision or an outcome. Achieving what you want.

So the first step in attaining any level of success is to know what you want. Makes sense right?

When you get in your car you first decide on a destination, then you choose the most suitable route to reach your destination. You don’t just drive around and hope that you will arrive at the correct destination (although sometimes I am guilty of doing this). Well, the same principle also applies in business and in life!

Answer this question:
If you had no obstacles to overcome, what is it you really want in your life?

If you could answer this question with ease and clarity, then you are a lucky person indeed. I was working with a company recently and I asked Frank the same question and he replied.

“He didn’t want to work so hard anymore, he didn’t want to have cash flow problems and he was tired of running the business and carrying all the burdens. He wanted to be successful.”

I had to ask the question a few times before Frank expressed what he wanted. It was obvious Frank is very clear on what he doesn’t want and less clear on what he does want. His motivation is to avoid experiencing the problems he is currently experiencing instead of being motivated by what he wants to experience.

Frank said “He wants to be successful” but is that a destination?

What is success for Frank? Is it a million dollars in profit or working 30 hours a week, or increasing sales by 40% or having a month holiday every year? How can Frank achieve success, unless he knows what success is?

This is a common response to a simple and powerful question.

What is it you really want? Just like driving your car you need to know the exact destination to arrive at the right place. Is your destination any place in Subiaco or is it 216 Wallace Street, Subiaco?

I’ll leave you with this final thought.

Are you clear on what you want and the direction to achieve it?

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