It’s not an issue of gender, its an issue of values

It’s not an issue of gender, it’s an issue of values.

Never have so many worked such excessive hours to meet stretched deadlines and overinflated productivity expectations that invade our private time. We carry with us devices that bring the boardroom on to our balcony, banks to our kitchen, doctors into our bedrooms, and the cost is … our leisure time, intimate connections, well-deserved breaks and embracing our true nature.

We live in a world where masculine qualities of outcome, productivity, logical thinking, control, boldness, forthrightness, power, drive, independence, and competitiveness are celebrated and valued.

Whilst the qualities associated with the feminine like empathy, honesty, loving, nurturing, creativity, kindness, understanding, intuition, compassion, adaptability are not always valued and celebrated.

In fact they are often looked down on or viewed as weakness. When the masculine qualities are valued at the expense of the feminine, inequality flourishes and our society misses out.

We tend to move towards what we perceive is valued, so as women we have had little choice but to adopt the qualities of the masculine in order to achieve, with little thought of the consequences.  We unconsciously hide, shrink or give away parts of ourselves in order to adapt and survive in a patriarchal culture, and in doing so we have down played, disowned and undervalued our own feminine power.

Cultural biases move from one generation to the next if unquestioned. What we are accustomed to hearing and seeing becomes our normality. Men look around the board room and see no women and think nothing of it as it has been their norm.

A norm that NOW is in a state of change.

I don’t think this is an issue of gender but instead an issue of value.

Which requires all of us to openly acknowledge, embrace and value the attributes of the feminine that are displayed in a both men and women.

I have dedicated much of my work to helping women show up in their full capacity as women valuing their Feminine Nature. I am continuously in awe of the magic these women bring to the world.

It is time for us to fully claim who we really are, come home to self and honour our feminine wisdom. Nurturing, empathic, intuitive and compassionate side.

It’s time to equally value the feminine and masculine qualities so we can move forward in a unified, peaceful and authentic way. Setting new standards for ourselves, our loved ones and the community at large.