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Soul stirring, Heart nurturing,
Life altering, wildly useful

Sacred Circle

Being in a sacred circle brings wisdom to life. It is about being real. This space calls for those who want to claim all their glory not just in a rational cognitive thinking way, but instead a genuine experience of what it means to be fully alive.

Unfortunately, many of us have had no alternative but to hide our deepest desires, wants and dreams to fulfill the many demands we face in everyday life. And in doing so, we sacrifice, without knowing it, our ability to feel fully authentic. It has been happening for eons. Women have been gathering in sisterhood, men in brotherhood and men and women together throughout time; they leave the comfort of conformity and orderly ways of being and seek a more sacred connection with a deeper understanding of self and each other.

A sacred circle is an evolutionary way to connect and create paradigm shifts. It is a safe place to take risks and allow your deepest desires to take root and blossom.

We offer a variety of Circles, Which one calls to you?

Masculine Way
calls to men

Women’s Retreat

Women's retreats bring women from all works of life together in beautiful ritual spaces to experience the fullness of being a woman beyond the confines of labels, status, competition, comparison, conformity, and busyness.


Women’s Wisdom is a powerful right of passage that marks transitions and activates the wise instinctual women’s freedom. Women’s Wisdom is an essential rite of passage for the evolving woman; not for some women; it is for all women.


Live Awake, Live Fully! A woman has a soul need to fully experience her divine, vital self. You probably know a woman who has let her spark fade to keep the peace, play it safe, belong, achieve and in doing so settled for less than what she deserves.

Inspired Coaching

The thought of a half-lived life is painful; the reality of a half-lived life is torturous.
If your outer world looks good and your inner world feels like a mess.
Then let’s talk.

Imagine truly knowing who you are, what you want, and having the ability to turn your dreams into a reality without the stopper “How am I going to do that?”

Imagine having the confidence to sack the inner critic and dump the doubts, confusion and procrastination.

Imagine being courageous enough to stop the overdoing, over-worry, over-caring over-fixing, over-whelm.

How different would your life be? Loving who you are what you do and why you do it. MATTERS, or have you settled for less? I get it, I have
been there, I almost settled for less when it all seemed to hard, too big a job, and it was easier to play small than to do the work.

I was fortunate; I had some great teachers, and I learned to move through my self-imposed containment, trust my instincts, access my unique talents with clarity and ease.