Courageous conversations are the opposite of everyday small talk because they are big talk with big energy and big meaning.

Picture this, women seated in a circle, bubbly in one hand, nibbles in the other, great topic and lots of passionate views, experiences, and loud voices.

Courageous Conversations

It is not a mastermind, workshop, therapy, or boardroom banter; instead, it is a real, meaningful conversation about topics not so frequently or openly addressed.

The parameters keep the conversations fun, respectful and on track.

None of this playing small, avoiding, people-pleasing or being silent. Your voice matters.
So, let's have a conversation that expands awareness, opens hearts, brings understanding, and connection to the surface.
We are reaching out to businesswomen who are adventurous, keen to dive deeper and willing to explore new possibilities. Together Vida, Director of Inspiration Source and Lyn, National Director of Business Women Australia work their magic.
“Wow, I feel like a completely different person when I arrived at Women’s Gathering, I feel inspired and transformed. What’s been great is it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been light, and It’s been profound. Meeting all sorts of women that are so courageous and brave. I feel so grateful that I am not alone with my life struggles. I feel supported and loved. And I feel inspired and happy. ”