Spring is the perfect time to do it

Hi Wow, it is sort of here, Spring is in the air, and I feel the brighter light and warmer temperatures energising my soul. During winter months, I tend to become more introspective and not so keen to venture out into the rain and cold which makes it a perfect time to take a pause […]

It Is The Small Things That Matter

We all know it, whether it is visible or not, we see the rapidly changing environments in which we live.  We notice technology advancing at a rapid rate and what yesterday seemed to be a scene in a Sci-Fi movie is now a reality. Many times, I have read articles suggesting things like, by the […]

You have a Quest to fulfil

We each have a secret quest to find what we are here to do and who we need to be to succeed in our quest. Most people believe the challenge arises in discovering what the quest is. Not so. There are many people walking this earth in a quiet state of tension trying to work […]

Are you creative or logical?

The feminine, void of masculine qualities can be viewed as wildly creative – you may be fortunate enough to know some wildly creative women. The masculine, void of feminine qualities can be viewed as staunchly logical, you may be fortunate enough to know some awesome logical men. Men can be creative, women can be logical, […]

Eyes wide open but Asleep

There is a part of self that is kind of delusional. It is constantly talking, rarely listening and believes its thoughts and opinions are always RIGHT.

The Driver Within

Sometimes our lives are challenging not because of external influences but because of internal influences. I am talking about the driver within. The primal function of the driver is to transport you from your current location to a new destination. You pick the destination and the driver focuses on getting you there to the exclusion of […]

Sorry. What did you say?

It’s blog time and WOW, January’s gone and February is here!
Like so many, I set goals for this year and after just 5 weeks I am already a little behind. I hear my inner voice shout out to me LISTEN.
I think I am listening, until I give myself some space and realise I am not.


‘Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have’ Oprah Winfrey: at the Golden Globes. I was moved by Opraha Winfrey’s powerful speech at the Golden Globes and the words that resonated over and over again in my head were “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have”. It sounds […]

How Different

How Different? It is easy to get caught up in what you do and by the end of the year it can seem like you are in some sort of robotic trance, desperately trying to fit in all that needs to be done before you can enjoy the well earned festive season. Which is what […]

Park your Resistances

Neuroscience, psychology and the social sciences are continually confirming that we can change how we feel, think and act in a short period of time. This is a dynamic time to be alive, with abundant choices, opportunities, information and expertise at our finger tips, and yet, still many of our questions go by unanswered.  The […]