Hi, I'm Vida

I see myself as a truth teller with a big heart; my business card reads inspirer. I am a seeker of wisdom, lover of sacred space, ritual, mindfulness, evidence base practices and I aspire to live life fully.

I believe the way we feel, think and act matters.
That is why I have a burning desire to lift humanity’s spirit by creating spaces of soul-stirring experiences that transform the relationship we have with self and each other.

No need to sacrifice your inner harmony
for outer achievement.

you can have both.

I have experienced moments when all that was safe and sacred vanished, and I found myself trapped in a harsh and unforgiving reality.

So, I hid my unspoken story; I lived a half-life; I did what had to be done, thriving on the outside, dying on the inside. It was not until I found myself sitting in sacred circle surrounded by strangers that I really turned inward. I heard my untold story escaping from a hidden crevace in my soul.

And at that moment I found courage, clarity and insight. I noticed how easy it was for me and how easy it is for others to lose sight of who we are and what’s most important to our heart’s longing. That was an inflection point in my life. I dedicated myself to practice sacred circle, rites of passage, ritual, mindfulness and other ancient wisdom practices.

to now

I have spent many years guiding professionals, influencers, creatives, techie’s, dancers, tradies, mums, dads

and others to turn inward and access their inherent wisdom, their authenticpower and live successful and fulfilling lives.

My talent lays in holding sacred space and creating soul-stirring experiences that open access to your mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual intelligence.
I do my stirring through sacred circles, retreats, workshops, training, and inspired coaching that are all a carefully orchestrated blend of ancient wisdom practices and contemporary behavioural change techniques to transform how we feel, think and act.

What They Say

I am successful because what I do transforms lives.

I believe it is essential to love who you are, what you do and why you
do it, if you want to successfully live a divine, glorious fulfilling life.

Personal Vida

I love grandchildren, big family, sounds of laughter, open hearts, children playing, my manly man, authenticity, spontaneous moments, bright colours, good coffee, reckless dancing, stillness, living deliberately, sacred space, nature, ritual, mindfulness, sunshine, good wine and paying forward.

I am good at babysitting, holding space, making the complicated simple, guiding retreats, cooking, mindfulness, inspiring others, connecting dots, being calm and crazy, creating clarity, seeing behind the eyes, diving deep, sharing my tears, loving the good stuff, listening, transforming, taking action, being authentic and loving wholeheartedly.

I am not so good at following instructions or recipes, putting work before family, social media, selling, routine, gossip, drawing straight lines, running, listening to the news,

Enjoy some Soul stirring, Heart nurturing, Life altering, Wildly useful insights. I also include updates on events. No spam ever

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