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Twin Realities

Claiming the Wo/Man in all of us

Twin Realities

Claiming the Wo/Man in all of us

Claiming the Wo/Man in all of us

There’s a dance that happens inside all of us, between being masculine and feminine. It can vary from individual to individual, and is greatly influenced by learned behaviors, as well as by the beliefs of our parents, caregivers, influencers and the culture we’re immersed in.

Some men and women are more masculine, or more feminine, than others.

And while we appear different on the outside, in reality we’re all very similar to one another on the inside.

You can define it based on some specific attributes. For example:

The “She” – Feminine nature opens us to Feelings, Loving, Compassionate, Tender, Caring, Nurturing, Sensual, Radiant, Generous and Intuitive.

The “He” – Masculine opens us to Reason, Strength, Confident, Independent, Focused, Passionate, Logical and Disciplined.

You need both the feminine and the masculine to live with a scared purpose and meaning in your life.

I feel most feminine when I’m a clear, openhearted channel of pure presence.
I feel most masculine when I have everything handled, getting the job done and doing the things that matter.

I firmly believe that we need to be in a healthy relationship with our inner masculine and feminine self in order to fully show up, whole and complete, enthusiastically living our sacred purpose and loving who we are and what we do on a daily basis.

Introducing Twin Realities

Twin Realities is a unique, scared journey of self-exploration and conscious witnessing. It’s held in a safe and beautiful space for men and women to see, be seen and to experience their own gender nature. It’s a program that’s only held several times each year.

This remarkable program was born from a desire to offer a place where men and women can explore, witness and be witnessed in deep truth and open heart sharing. It provides a rare and genuine opportunity to journey with collective oneness and difference, deliberately gaining insight on how you dance between your masculine and feminine identities. You’ll also explore how this dance influences your behviours and relationships.

Twin Realities offers you an opportunity to shed outmoded masks and look at your life with open eyes.

It gives you a platform to speak how your truly feel from your heart, without any fear of retribution or judgment by others.

It takes courage.

It takes courage on your part to surrender unhealthy, outdated, inherited and inhibited ways of being that have been passed down generations, unnoticed and unquestioned.

It takes courage to transcend the traditional, mainstream ways of doing, thinking and being, and gaining the ability to practice respectful, responsible and authentic relationships with ourselves and with others

It takes courage to dance with the masculine and feminine energies that are within you.

It takes courage to show up each day and live life fully.

Twin Realities can help you find that courage.

If you have an inner calling to find out more about yourself, a journey with Twin Realities is the way.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Call me to discuss the workshop in more detail and have your questions answered, on 1300 307 274.
  2. To register your interest or learn more please email me [email protected]
“Let yourself be moved by what calls from within.”
Participant Oct 2016

I have worked with Vida for several years and the Twin realities weekend was no exception to her work - insightful, inviting and inspirational. This was my third co-gender event and I while I was excited to be working in a shared space, I was also a bit apprehensive - Vida and Dom put my partner and I at ease with their gentle and inclusive style. We left the weekend feeling we had each learned more about ourselves and each other as well as feeling honored to have been a part of each other's journey.


Twin Realities was a completely new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect. I was even a little apprehensive. However, there was no need for this as Vida is so genuine, compassionate and insightful that she creates a safe place to explore depths of the human soul we often are too busy to take notice of. The weekend was held at a beautiful venue in the bush that was extremely peaceful and I came away with a deep sense of renewal and of a spiritual shift that has remained with me. I highly recommend working with Vida for anyone wishing to experience a more spiritual connection in life.


During the weekend, a safe container was created where I could explore what I was feeling which provided an opportunity for the cause of those feelings to surface. Once I understood the cause I was able to put together an action plan for self- improvement. It was a great weekend.



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“Do it with purpose, you may sometimes get tired, but you will never run out of fuel.”
Vida Carlino


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