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The Feminine Way

The Feminine Way

When a woman begins to be aware of the divine spark within, she will soon be faced with a decision whether to honour and trust it……..


The Feminine Way is a series of 3 circles for women, each series we explore a different theme that strengthens a deeper understanding of our individual and collective nature.

This space calls for women that are thirsty for genuine connection, clarity, purpose, enthusiasm, fulfilment, inspiration and self-empowered living.

We all meet as equals creating a safe and welcoming space that can hold the varied nature of the feminine. Love, pain, yearning, heartache, fear, dreams, joy, despair, compassion, creativity, denial, frustration, truth, betrayal, intuition, power, vulnerability, selflessness…

Women have been gathering in sacred circle or eons, they come together to share their joys and sorrows and make sense of their jumbled experiences.

They come together to reclaim bits of themselves they have given away, lost or denied.

They come together to feel the light that dwells in the powerful, loving feminine spirit.

They come, because they are called to a space they silently yearn for.

They come, because it is enriching and joyous to be with women in such a way.

They come together because they are woman on a journey to show up fully.

The woman that has the courage to surrender and be witnessed will ultimately transform and live her dreams.

If you are called to join The Feminine Way you will be asked to commit to all 3 circles, and their confidentiality.

Places are limited to a maximum of 15 women.

If you want to know more please give me a call on 1300 307 274 or

To find out more about our upcoming The Feminine Way click here

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