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Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

Sacred Circle is awesome…

It’s a safe space to dive inward, experience freedom, touch the knowing, let go and authentically feel.

For some, this can be challenging or met with resistance, and for others it’s a welcomed ease and a natural settling into inner knowing.

This is nothing new, the practice of sacred circles has been around for yonks and yonks throughout many cultures.

What happens?

The busy life is parked outside the circle as we descend into a welcoming presence. We sit together meeting each other, just as we are in the ever changing moment. Each viewpoint, experience, voice is held with the greatest respect, free of judgment or need to nurture, change or fix. There is no feedback, teaching or advise given in this space, we all meet as equals. The essential way of deep listening, and truth speaking, invokes safety and trust within the circle.

Each person brings their own particular way of being, their unique thread and when these threads are weaved through presence and intent the natural rhythm and flow of the circle is formed, whether that be in a women’s circle, men’s circle or a mixed gender circle.

The circle invokes a deeper listening, a genuine acceptance, a softening, a coming home, it honours all voices and invites our innate knowing into our midst.

It’s a place to take risks and allow your deepest desires to take root and blossom.

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I had not attended a sacred circle for a long time and whilst sitting in the space I felt a rigid resistance to listen and feel within myself. The words of the other women ignited my inner flame, melting and softening the hard container I had buried many of my emotions in. I felt a sense of relief and clarity to speak what I had hidden and denied. Thank you for a lovely reminder of how liberating and enlivening it is to sit in circle with other women.  


Vida opens a gorgeous space of acceptance and invites us just 'to be'. I love her ceremonial introduction and the ambiance she so carefully creates to make us feel welcome. There is something so deeply earnest and wise about Vida and the space she creates to make us feel comfortable is so relaxing. I felt at ease and able to be vulnerable and share and in turn it was beautiful to be able to sit., listen and be in the moment of other's sharing. Vida's circles encompass so much honoring, love and depth -she facilitates us all getting to know ourselves deeply. 
Thank you so much Vida!!

Whole Women

Whole Men

Whole Men & Women

Whole Women

women in circle

“When a woman begins to be aware of the divine spark within, she will soon be faced with a decision whether to honour and trust it………”
Wendlyn Alter
The Yang Heart of Yin

Women have been gathering in sacred circle for eons, they come together to share their joys and sorrows and make sense of their jumbled experiences.

They come together to reclaim bits of themselves they have given away or overlooked.

They come together to feel the light that dwells in the powerful, loving feminine spirit.

They come, because they are called to a space they silently yearn for.

They come, because it is enriching and joyous to be with women in such a way.

They come together because they are women.

“You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours”
Scot Maxwell

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I met Vida and instantly I felt like she was a 'Mum' figure I could trust.  I feel really grateful she showed me the way to live my life to my full potential whilst feeling supported the whole way.  I believe there is a handful of people that come into your life to change for the better and Vida is definitely one of them.  Thank you Vida for giving me the knowledge and courage to turn my life around.  I am happier than ever!!

Whole Men

men in circle


Whole Men & Women

men and women in circle

Women have gathered with men, to speak their truth, share their stories, listen and validate their own existence as an individual and as part of a collective.

It is less frequent to experience sitting in circle with Men and Women together.

…and after doing it many times, I understand why. It is a little exposing and requires a different level of trust and willingness.

Imagine outpouring and genuinely sharing in the company of the opposite gender, Being witnessed and witnessing the truth and the complexities of life whilst being held by both men and women.

Imagine being fully present, listening intently and experiencing the effect of collective gender generalisations and then from this space, seeding understanding and respect. When men and women gather together, with sacred intent, a knowing and wisdom emerges allowing alchemy of the ages to be present where each gender can transform inhibition, and turn separation into oneness.

It is a place to take risks and allow the deepest yearnings to take root and blossom.

I love nothing better than jumping outside of the comfortable, familiar and orderly consciousness to seek experiences beyond the edge of comfort with “the other gender”. It is a mindful act of opening to the depths of spirit within.

Intrigued, wondering what this is all about, feel the yearning and the fear? Want to know more? Then give me a call 1300 307 274 or drop me a line [email protected]

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”



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“Do it with purpose, you may sometimes get tired, but you will never run out of fuel.”
Vida Carlino


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